So your anniversary day is getting closer and closer and you are wondering what you should do. What anniversary gift should you buy? Should you prepare unique gift or buy something expensive? What should you write on the card? Where should you two go to celebrate?

Anniversary gift by year

Rest assured, you are not alone with those questions. Actually, “what should I get for my 4th anniversary?” is a very common question that searched in the internet search engines. This, of course, is not limited to the 4th year but is being asked across all years and varies from husband and wives. Being familiar with those questions at least once a year, that is where Anniversary Assistant would like to show its strength. A good anniversary planning would be composed out of several major parts like: buying the right gift, writing an emotional anniversary wish and card, going out to the perfect dinner, surprising with the most marvelous flower bouquet, taking a romantic getaway vacation and in some special cases, having a beautiful wedding anniversary party.

But let’s go back for a second. Way way back. Back to the Holy Roman Empire days. On those days, on the twenty-fifth anniversary the husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath. On the fiftieth they gave a gold wreath.

That is just slightly different than what we have nowadays. This is where the commercialism kicked in and led to the addition of more anniversaries, for almost each and every year. Those anniversaries are being represented by a named gift.

While the list of gifts per anniversary year evolved differently around the globe and in time, some years kept their original roots in most nations. That is 5th year is represented by Wooden gifts. The 10th year is symbolized by Tin products. Crystal is the theme that signifies the 15th year. The 20th for China. The 25th anniversary is commonly known for Silver. Pearl gifts are been exchanged on the 30th year. On the 40th year it is Ruby. The 50th anniversary gift is, as in old times, something golden. 60th is Diamond and Platinum for 70th.


Having the perfect anniversary celebration can seem like a lot of work but it is actually quite simple with the Anniversary Assistant process and app. So let’s break it down to pieces and go over them one by one. By the way, the parts are not organized by importance. It should be clear that the gesture is what counts the most and the way it is appreciated on the receiving side.

Let’s get started.

Choosing the best anniversary gift

A lot was said about how to choose the best anniversary gift for husband or wife. The right gift for first anniversary or for the fiftieth. The answer is much simpler than you would think because there is absolutely no way for someone other than you two to know what your better half would like to receive on that special day. The best thing we can do, is provide you with enough ideas for you to decide which gift is the best for you. You can use the commonly used lists for modern and traditional anniversary gift by year or their accompanied list of gemstone and flower per anniversary year. Those lists are themed for each year between the first year and the fifteenth. Then it provide theme for every five year. The complete lists are at the end of this article to your convenience. We took each and every theme from those lists and interpreted it into many different gift ideas. Scroll through the ideas and see if something looks

If you are not the conformist individual or you cannot find a gift to your liking from those lists you can choose something that is completely different.

What to write in an anniversary card

Writing an anniversary card is not an easy task at all. It doesn’t matter if you are writing this card to you husband or to your wife. You know that expected and you also want to write something special but the words might not always come out as you want them to.

Where do you start? How long should it be? How open?

anniversary card

Those are some of the questions that knowingly or unknowingly go through your mind. That is why we created this guide that will help you with everything you need to do in order to write the best anniversary wish for you.

Anniversary dinner ideas

Marriage life has its own challenges. Being together as a couple can go into tedious routine of, laundry, dishes, picking and dropping off kids, etc. That is even more reason why you should take a break and celebrate your anniversary properly with a romantic dinner.

Some couples might enjoy go into the same restaurant every anniversary and create some kind of tradition. It might even be the same restaurant you met for the first time or just one that you both really enjoy. Other couples might want to experience something new and exciting every year. Either way, a romantic dinner is a pause you should not skip.

Flowers for anniversary

Flowers can say a lot without words. With the limitless number of colors, types and bouquet options everyone can find something fitting to their event. This is even more true when it comes to selecting the right flowers for your anniversary. You can always go with the ever right red roses. You can give a number of roses that stands for the amount of years in your anniversary. You can choose a random type of bouquet or you can follow the flower by year table.

anniversary flowers

Anniversary Gemstones by Year

Similar to the Anniversary Flower by Year chart, wedding anniversaries have also Gemstones associated with most of the years. The list below show the Gemstone for each anniversary year.

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